SPACE Videos and Factsheets: Green and Blue Spaces

Discover the benefits of green and blue spaces for ageing populations. The SPACE project’s findings emphasise the role of natural environments in enhancing mental well-being and promoting active lifestyles among older people. Green and Blue Spaces Factsheet

SPACE Videos and Factsheets: Noise and Light Pollution

Explore how noise and light pollution impact healthy ageing. The SPACE project looks at how these environmental factors affect cognitive health and well-being for older people, offering insights into mitigation strategies and urban planning considerations. Noise Pollution Factsheet Light Pollution Factsheet

SPACE Videos and Factsheets: Urban Planning

Learn about designing age-friendly cities. This topic examines the SPACE project’s research on urban spaces that cater to older residents’ needs, focusing on accessibility, safety, and social connectivity. Urban Planning Factsheet

SPACE Videos and Factsheets: Air and Soil Pollution

Understand the implications of air and soil pollution on ageing. Delve into how exposure to pollutants affects health and cognitive function in older people, highlighting the necessity for pollution-reducing policies. Air Pollution Factsheet Soil Pollution Factsheet

SPACE Videos and Factsheets: Planetary Health and Climate Change

Explore the impact of climate change on the older population. SPACE examines the importance of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship in fostering healthy ageing. This research emphasises the interconnectedness of planetary health and the well-being of ageing communities, highlighting the need for sustainable solutions. Planetary Health and Climate Change Factsheet