Meet The Team

Judith Phillips

Healthy Ageing Challenge
Research Director


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Judith oversees research on all initiatives across the Healthy Ageing Challenge and as Director of SBDRP provides academic leadership for the programme.


Elaine Douglas

Social, Behavioural & Design Research
Programme Manager

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Elaine is the central point of contact for the SBDRP research teams and will work closely with you on a range of activities across the Healthy Ageing Challenge.


Kimberley Coutts-Murray

Social, Behavioural & Design Research

Programme Administrator

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Kimberley will provide administrative support to Judith and Elaine on all activities within the programme.


Lucy Gresley

Senior Portfolio Manager,

Innovation and impact

UKRI Healthy Ageing challenge

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Lucy Gresley is the Senior Portfolio Manager, Innovation and Impact for the UKRI Healthy Ageing challenge, with responsibility for the Social, Behavioural and Design Research Programme and the Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards.


Healthy Ageing 2023 Round-Up

The Healthy Ageing Conference 2023 at The Oval was a landmark event, with two action-packed days filled with insightful discussions, innovative projects, and forward-looking research.

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Lucy Gresley