GOALD | Co-producing digital tools for health, well-being and social connection in later life

The GOALD (Generating Older Active Lives Digitally) project, funded through the Healthy Ageing Challenge Social Behavioural and Design Research Programme, aims to enhance health, well-being, and social connection in later life through digital innovation. This brochure delves into the project’s objectives, methods, and findings, offering insights into digital resource use among older adults, the value […]

Healthy Ageing in Place: Keeping Going

Keeping Going helps people to see ways in which to live independently, when setting out, newly-moved, after the loss of a partner or key assistant, or when with little time for sorting things.

The Climate Comic

Welcome to the Climate Comic The Climate Comic is a collaboration between South Wales communities, researchers, an advisory group and illustrator Laura Sorvala. The project seeks to understand older and younger people’s climate change perceptions, imaginaries and behaviours in the places that matter to them. Collaborators The OPTIC team is (left to right) Dr. Merryn […]

DesCHA’s Designing for a Lifetime Booklet

This booklet is intended to help you understand the basics of ageing and dementia-friendly design, setting you on the path so that you can think creatively about how you can incorporate these ideas into your own home in a way that feels right for you. It has been developed as a resource for anyone who […]

Retail Project: The Healthy Retail Guides

The ILC Retail Impact Project, supported by the SBDRP and made possible through University of Stirling funding, has recently published a series of five guides to transform the retail sector’s approach to serving older consumers, focusing on creating age-friendly environments, promoting inclusivity, and enhancing well-being for customers and workforce alike. Accessibility: Welcoming Spaces for All […]