Discussing Women’s Health at Work: New Insights from Belinda Steffan of the SHAW Project

We’re excited to share that Belinda Steffan, Research Fellow in psycho-social aspects of women’s health at The University of Edinburgh and a project member of the Supporting Healthy Ageing at Work project (SHAW), has recently published an article in The Conversation.

The article, titled “Why it’s good to talk about women’s health at work, according to research”, dives into the significant but often stigmatised topic of women’s health in the workplace, focusing particularly on menopause. Steffan’s work highlights the importance of both formal and informal social support systems at work to help women manage health-related challenges effectively.

The article has gained remarkable traction since its publication, with nearly 5,000 reads and even a translation into French. This piece forms part of The Conversation’s ‘Women’s Health Matters’ series and provides valuable insights and resources for women of all ages.

For those keen on gaining a comprehensive understanding of women’s health and wellbeing, especially in the context of ageing, Steffan’s article is a must-read. You can find the full article here.