GOALD Research Festival: Bridging the Digital Divide for Older Generations

Goald Research Festival taking place -

The SBDRP team was thrilled to attend the GOALD Research Festival at the Stirling Court Hotel on the University of Stirling campus. This enlightening event brought together participants, academics, and partners from the GOALD (Generating Older Active Lives Digitally) project, a pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of life for older individuals through digital technology.

Event Highlights

Introduction by Catherine Hennessy

The day started with an insightful introduction to GOALD by Catherine Hennessy, who outlined the project’s objectives and its significance in tackling the challenges of digital exclusion among older people.

Short Talks and Film Presentations

Researchers from the Universities of Stirling and Plymouth shared valuable updates, presenting the latest findings and technological developments that GOALD has delivered over the last 18 months.

Interactive Sessions

Participants had the chance to try out some of the innovative digital technologies, including treadmill virtual reality, digital balance boards, and a sports reminiscence archive.

Future Think Tank

A session dedicated to policymakers and SMEs discussed the future prospects of digital technology in healthcare, looking at how policy can shape and support initiatives like GOALD.

Open Discussion on Next Steps

The day concluded with an open forum where attendees could ‘have their say’, sharing insights, posing questions, and discussing the next steps for the GOALD project.

Our Takeaway

The GOALD Research Festival demonstrated the transformative power of technology to improve health and well-being among older people. We are very excited about the possibilities that projects like GOALD represent.

For more information about the GOALD project, visit GOALD Project Website or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.