Healthy Ageing in Place: Co-Designing Inclusive Climate Resilient Age-friendly Cities and Communities

Growing old in the twenty-first century will bring with it the unique challenge of ensuring people age well when there is an increasing frequency of extreme weather events (e.g., flooding, heatwaves and storms) and associated climate risk. This project will gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to the resilience of older people to climate change in the UK, exploring how we build on the existing dimensions of AFCC to deliver inclusive and resilient places. 

In collaboration with older people’s groups and key climate change actors, the research will explore how to mitigate against climate-related extreme weather events, through co-designing and co-producing potential solutions at the local, community, and city level. These solutions will harness the contribution older people can make to climate action, reduce climate change risk and design climate resilient interventions that support positive health and wellbeing outcomes for older people. 

The project will develop a collaborative network of older people, NGOs, community actors, policymakers, practitioners, businesses, entrepreneurs and social enterprises. This will ensure the project affects policy and practice to achieve inclusive and climate resilient AFCCs within and beyond the lifetime of the project.

Project Lead

Professor Ryan Woolrych

Project Partners