How Co-Production is Reshaping Ageing Research 

Exploring the Power of Co-Production in Ageing Research  

The Social Behavioural & Design Research Programme (SBDRP) has demonstrated the power of co-production in its approach to research and innovation. The programme has effectively harnessed collaborative efforts between researchers, older people, and businesses, yielding outcomes that resonate with communities. 

What is Co-Production? 

It’s a practice of shared creation, mutual respect, and collective decision-making. This approach ensures that the insights and experiences of older adults are not just included but are pivotal in shaping project outcomes, aligning closely with market insights from business. 

Our Approach 

Our aim is to provide a thorough understanding of the needs and preferences of older people, combined with insights from businesses, and the expertise of researchers. The SBDRP approach to co-production with businesses and older adults is not limited to just product and service development. It encompasses a broad range of initiatives, including academic research, cultural engagements, and innovative solutions ensuring outcomes are closely aligned with the real-world needs and preferences of older people. By integrating insights from various stakeholders, our research projects foster solutions that are not just academically robust but also socially relevant and inclusive.  

Impactful Outcomes 

Projects within the Programme have strived to innovate in fields such as age-friendly housing and health technology. While the full impact on the ageing population continues to evolve, these collaborative efforts have laid the groundwork for meaningful advancements in understanding and addressing the needs of older people. This cooperative approach has been the key to exploring and developing solutions that resonate with the real-world challenges faced by the ageing population. 

Reflecting on the Programme’s Legacy 

As the SBDRP approaches its conclusion in March 2024, we reflect on the legacy it leaves behind. The Programme’s dedication to co-production has set a benchmark for how research in healthy ageing can be conducted. The learnings and outcomes from the SBDRP will continue to inspire and guide similar initiatives, underscoring the value of collaborative research and innovation.