Judith Phillips OBE on Healthy Ageing at University of Bath 

Today, Professor Judith Phillips OBE, a leading researcher in the field of ageing and Director of the SBDRP, will address the University of Bath’s Healthy Later Living Network.  

The Healthy Later Living Network at the University of Bath has invited Professor Phillips to share her expert insights on the Healthy Ageing Challenge and her vision for the future priorities of ageing research. 

Judith Phillips said: 

“The Healthy Ageing Challenge represents a pivotal moment in our quest to improve the later stages of life. Our research aims to help people remain active, productive, and socially engaged for as long as possible and our projects are actively collaborating with businesses to translate these findings into practical solutions. I look forward to discussing these important topics and to talk about the next steps in ageing research at Bath University today.” 

Elaine Douglas, the Programme Manager for SBDRP, added: 

“Today’s talk signifies an important milestone for SBDRP. Collaborative conversations like this are crucial to aligning our research efforts and making meaningful impact in the field of healthy ageing.” 

The Healthy Later Living Network frequently hosts dialogues with world-renowned experts in their respective fields, as part of their events programme.