Pioneering Accessibility: Retail Project Film Highlights Age-Friendly Design

The SBDRP is excited to announce the release of the first film in a series of five from the Retail Impact Project. This series aims to highlight how businesses can adapt to the ageing population, focusing on inclusive design and commercial opportunities in the retail sector.

Eyra Design: Pioneering Inclusivity in Retail

Accessibility: Susan Costello of Eyra Design

The first film in this series features Eyra Design, a forward-thinking company that exemplifies the project’s ethos. Eyra Design stands out for its commitment to creating practical yet desirable products, specially designed with additional functionalities to cater to an ageing population. This approach not only meets the needs of older consumers but also demonstrates how inclusive design can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Inclusive Retail: A Business Imperative

The film showcases why inclusivity in retail is not just a moral imperative but a smart business strategy. With the over-50s in the UK controlling over £6 trillion in assets, there is a significant market opportunity for businesses that prioritise accessibility and inclusivity in their product designs and retail environments.

The ILC Retail Impact Project: A Catalyst for Change

Supported by the University of Stirling and UK Research and Innovation as part of the Government’s Healthy Ageing Challenge, the ILC Retail Impact Project aims to transform the retail landscape. Through this series of films and accompanying guides, the project seeks to guide retailers in understanding and tapping into the potential of an ageing demographic. The project underscores the importance of removing barriers and creating a more inclusive retail experience for all ages.

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The SBDRP says:

The launch of this film series marks a significant step in promoting a broader understanding of the ageing population’s impact on the retail sector. The ILC Retail Impact Project is shifting how retailers perceive and cater to older consumers, thereby opening up new avenues for business innovation and social inclusivity.

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