Retail Impact Project

In May 2022, the Retail Impact Project was launched as a pioneering collaboration between UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)’s Healthy Ageing Challenge, ILC, and the University of Stirling. This two-year initiative aimed to revolutionise the retail sector’s approach to serving older consumers, recognising their significant economic contribution and unique needs. For our high streets to […]

Understanding Older and younger people’s PerspecTives and Imaginaries of Climate change (OPTIC): emplaced creativity to improve environments for healthy ageing

Environments in which older people live, work and take leisure time are essential to health and wellbeing. However, with climate change, threats are emerging in previously hospitable environments. It is essential we understand older and younger people’s climate change perspectives, behaviours, and future visions so that living, working and recreational environments can be shaped and […]

Hearing Loss and Place (HeLP)

Hearing loss in older adulthood can lead to isolation and loneliness. It can be especially difficult hearing in certain noisy environments leading to reluctance to go to such places and spaces. Arguably, hearing loss can be countered by hearing aids, but in reality, this often fails because they remain ineffective in many noisy environments. This […]