SBDRP Impact Workshop

Welcome to our Workshop Highlights

Welcome to the SBDRP Impact Workshop highlights. Below, you’ll find a curated selection of videos showcasing various sessions and keynotes from our workshop. To view the videos, simply click on the topic titles in the list. This will expand the section and display the associated YouTube videos. Click again to collapse the section. We hope you find these insights valuable and informative.

  • Welcome from Judith Phillips Research Director
  • Objectives of the Workshop
  • Reflections from the SBDRP Impact Workshop 1
  • Showcasing Policy Impact | Healthier Working Lives, OPTIC, Hospitality Connect
  • Discussion
  • Showcasing Business Impact | ENLIVEN, DesCHA, GOALD, SHAW, Retail Project (ILC-UK)
  • Co-producing Impact With Business Group Session
  • Showcasing Academic Impact
  • Keynote Addresses