Intergenerational co-production to increase physical activity and social connectivity for health in the GOALD project

Anna C. Whittaker1, Simone A. Tomaz1, Hannah Bradwell2, John Ritchie1, Katie Edwards2, Leonie Cooper2, Catherine Hennessy1, Ray Jones2, Richard Haynes1, Gemma C. Ryde3, Pete Coffee4,on behalf of the GOALD Research Team1, the GOALD Advisory Group2 1University of Stirling, UK 2University of Plymouth, UK 3University of Glasgow, UK 4Heriot Watt University, UK; Purpose The Generating […]

Operationalizing Transformative Tourism: Creating Dementia-Friendly Outdoor and Nature-Based Visitor Experiences

Through interviews and audits of UK outdoor settings, the study identifies essential changes for creating more inclusive and accessible experiences. Highlighting the importance of environment design and community involvement, this resource offers practical insights for businesses eager to become dementia-friendly, contributing significantly to the broader narrative of healthy ageing and inclusive tourism.