Connecting Through Culture Case Study: Co-Production and Digital Innovation

Discover ‘Connecting Through Culture As We Age’, a project spotlighting digital cultural innovation crafted for and with older adults. This case study showcases the synergies of mixed professional teams, including co-researchers, working towards innovative products and processes through co-production. Gain insight into how these collaborations not only enhance the success rate of projects but also […]

GOALD | Co-producing digital tools for health, well-being and social connection in later life

The GOALD (Generating Older Active Lives Digitally) project, funded through the Healthy Ageing Challenge Social Behavioural and Design Research Programme, aims to enhance health, well-being, and social connection in later life through digital innovation. This brochure delves into the project’s objectives, methods, and findings, offering insights into digital resource use among older adults, the value […]

Intergenerational co-production to increase physical activity and social connectivity for health in the GOALD project

Anna C. Whittaker1, Simone A. Tomaz1, Hannah Bradwell2, John Ritchie1, Katie Edwards2, Leonie Cooper2, Catherine Hennessy1, Ray Jones2, Richard Haynes1, Gemma C. Ryde3, Pete Coffee4,on behalf of the GOALD Research Team1, the GOALD Advisory Group2 1University of Stirling, UK 2University of Plymouth, UK 3University of Glasgow, UK 4Heriot Watt University, UK; Purpose The Generating […]

Operationalizing Transformative Tourism: Creating Dementia-Friendly Outdoor and Nature-Based Visitor Experiences

Through interviews and audits of UK outdoor settings, the study identifies essential changes for creating more inclusive and accessible experiences. Highlighting the importance of environment design and community involvement, this resource offers practical insights for businesses eager to become dementia-friendly, contributing significantly to the broader narrative of healthy ageing and inclusive tourism.

Healthy Ageing in Place: Keeping Going

Keeping Going helps people to see ways in which to live independently, when setting out, newly-moved, after the loss of a partner or key assistant, or when with little time for sorting things.

Hospitality Connect Case Study: Crafting Age-Inclusive Community Spaces

Hospitality Connect emphasises the importance of inclusive spaces in fostering social connections among older adults. By co-developing a toolkit for age-inclusive hospitality venues, the project directly impacts business practices and the well-being of the ageing population. This initiative exemplifies how strategic partnerships and co-production can result in practical solutions that support older individuals in staying […]

Retail Project Case Study: Innovating for Age-Friendly Retail

The Retail Project demonstrates the vital role of business-academic partnerships in creating age-friendly retail environments. Through collaborative toolkits and strategies, this project addresses the changing needs of an ageing consumer base, ensuring that retail spaces become more accessible and welcoming. By blending research insights with practical business applications, the Retail Project contributes to a more […]

ENLIVEN Case Study: Bridging Nature and Wellbeing

The ENLIVEN project exemplifies co-production by engaging older people living with dementia, researchers, and businesses in jointly developing accessible outdoor activities. By facilitating these meaningful collaborations, ENLIVEN advances our understanding of dementia-friendly environments.